Saturday, June 21, 2008

The problem with liberty

The problem with Liberty is that no one gets it anymore. Not that they don't think they understand, but most just don't want it. The idea that there are more than one version of liberty is a bit insane. But I digress. The problem with liberty is that no one wants it. They want control. They want everything organized and clean. They want answers and they better be answers they can handle. God forbid we just tell it like it is.

The problem with liberty is that it is just to darn much responsibility. Its too painfull. To harsh. Me? Stand up for what's right? Me? Sacrifice myself to try to change some silly law? No thanks. I've got a mortgatge to pay. I've got kids to raise. If I don't have a job (which I'll probably lose if I fight for this liberty stuff) I'll be in deep (**explative removed).

Besides. Life is to short and its easier to buckle under and just give in.

So often I've heard people wonder aloud when they speak of the rise of Adolf Hitler, "where were the people?" Why didn't they stand up? But as I look around today from smoking bans to child kidnappings performed by the state - to the witch hunt mentality of current sex offender laws - to the Real ID "paper's please" police state - to the transfat banning Mayor of New York all I see are enthusiastic crowds of supporters and tail between their legs - disgruntled citizens walking the other direction muttering under their tounges "well that's a stupid law". (I should know since I'm one of them)

Hilter in this case is not a person. He is a beast. The beast of government. And it is growing. And at some point it will tip over the edge into a Tianimen Square type event. Whether it is rounding up smokers by the tens of thousands and sending them to forced rehab or the state finally stepping over what little line seperates parental rights from state authority - the day is coming when people will wake up and start to fight back. This isn't a threat by the way - it is a prediction.

Unfortunatly for us, it will come too late. Those of us who stand up today are either ignored, or we get more attention than we want from the IRS or some other arm of government. And don't get me wrong. This is not an anti-republican or anti-democrat rant. This is an anti-BIG-AUTHORITARIAN-Government rant.

Government has its place. IN the corner with its mouth shut cowering in fear from the people. Instead it is the other way around. Perhaps the biggest question I have is "why haven't smokers fought back?" And why haven't parents attacked by government through forced drug use and kidnappings by state agencies fought back? Why do we all stand for it and keep electing the same two parties to office to screw us a bit more?

I've come to a couple of conclusions on that. Well three. First, we don't think we count. We believe that our sole actions will only get us fired, thrown in jail or worse, left out in the streets to die. Government has created this feeling that we are isolated and alone and somehow convinced media to represent those of us fighting for liberty are "nut cases" and not real people.

Second a whole lot of people actually want this (***explative removed***). They really do. they believe in the smoking bans and child protective services. They actually think that REAL ID will keep terrorists from getting on planes. Hmmm...

Third, WE ALWAYS LOSE. When it comes to elections, those fighting for liberty never get elected. Not to anything serious anyway.

But I will say this. This coming election I will vote only for those who openly vote against smoking bans or who would vote to repeal them immidiatly. I won't win. I never do, but I will at least try to do my part.

Will you be doing yours?